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Denver Glass Machinery designs and manufactures electric kilns for those who require quality and reliability in every respect. Denver kilns installed more than 30 years ago that are still in use today attest to this unsurpassed quality. All of our KL-Series kilns are built using heavy gauge steel chosen especially for the size, weight and firing temperature guaranteeing strength, stability, and long life even under constant use. All models include a welded tubular steel stand that puts the kiln at an ergonomic working height plus a digital setpoint control that puts you in absolute charge of your project. The lid opening mechanism utilizes gas springs to lift the lid open. (With the exception of the KL-27 and the Bell).

All models are lined with a combination of 2300-degree firebrick and ceramic fiber insulation. Ceramic fiber products allow precise control over the firing curve. Their low heat storage capacity makes kilns more responsive to load changes while saving energy. Ceramic fiber products also provide greater temperature uniformity, resulting in better product quality. The electric heating elements are wound from heavy gauge nikrothal high temperature alloy and are suspended from the lid of the kiln with our patented design. All are top firing with optional side elements available. All come with a Bartlett RTC-1000 controller with 6 program/ 32 segments per program digital controller with the new Bartlett Genesis touch screen availbe as an upgrade. All models are available in foreign voltages, specify electrical requirements when ordering. Denver Glass Machinery will custom design a kiln to your specific needs. Call our experienced sales staff.

Please inquire:
E-mail,, or call:
Ph. 303 781-0980 / fax. 303 781-9067

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