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Model: VSP-320, Variable Speed Polisher

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Model: VSP-320, Variable Speed Polisher

The VSP-320 Electric Polisher is designed for portable grinding, shaping and polishing. This center water-fed, handheld grinder accepts our 3M brand diamond discs. Safely operated through the in-line ground fault interrupter circuit (GFIC). The VSP-320 comes with two types of handles: the C-handle and a reversible side handle. The variable speed control allows you to set any speed between 700 and 2500 RPMs.

Rating:                 110/220 volts
Amperage:            7/3.5
Speed:                  700 to 2500 rpm
Weight:                7.3 lbs.
Spindle:                5/8" - 11
VSP-320 Variable Speed Polisher


VSP-340 Variable Speed Polisher


Available in 110 volt 60 hz and 220 volt 50 hz.

For polishing pads and accessories, click here.

Please inquire:
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