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Cold Working Equipment

Primary Machines

Check any that apply

SB-810, Base Model
SB-810, Electroplated
SB-810, Bonded
SB-810, All-Electroplated
DG-12, Flat Lap Grinder
DG-18, Flat Lap Grinder
SAG-1, Single Arbor Grinder
EG-1, Engraver
GS-60, Wet Cutting Bandsaw
GS-100, Wet Cutting Bandsaw

Warm Glass

Kilns - Top Loading

KL-27 - 9" Deep
KL-27D - 12" Deep
KL-27DD - 18" Deep
KL-50 - 9" Deep
KL-50D - 12" Deep
KL-50DD - 18" Deep
KL-60 - 9" Deep
KL-60D - 12" Deep

Kilns - Clam Shell

KLCS-27RT - Roll out table
KLCS-50RT - Roll out table
KLCS-60RT - Roll out table
KLCS-72RT - Roll out table

Kilns - Casting Ovens

KL-TC - Top Load Casting Kiln
KL-TFC - Top and Front Load Casting Kiln
KL-CSC - Clam Shell Casting Kiln
KL-BC - Bell Style Casting Kiln

Kilns - Bell Style

KL-Bell - Bell Style Kiln

Hot Glass


EF-60 - 60 Pound Capacity Furnace
EF-135 - 135 Pound Capacity Furnace
EF-200 - 200 Pound Capacity Furnace

Glory Holes

GH-10 - 10 x 12 deep Glory Hole
GH-12 - 12 x 15 deep Glory Hole
GH-18 - 18 x 24 deep Glory Hole
GH-21 - 21 x 24 deep Glory Hole
GF-25 - Glory Hole / Furnace combo


Burner assembly with Giberson Head
Burner assembly with PineRidge LP190 Head
Burner assembly with PineRidge LP290 Head
Burner assembly with PineRidge LP390 Head
Burner assembly with PineRidge GH590 Head
Burner assembly with PineRidge GH890 Head

Anealing Ovens

GFA-36 220 volt Annealing Oven
GFA-24 220 volt Annealing Oven
GFA-20 110 volt Annealing Oven
GFA-20 220 volt Annealing Oven
GFA-Lamp Worker's Annealing Oven

Hot Shop

Glass Blower's Bench
Standing Yoke
Rolling Yoke
Pipe Warmer
Pipe Turner
Pipe Cooler
Heat Shield
18 x 24 Marvering Table
24 x 36 Marvering Table
30 x 48 Marvering Table
Comments and Added Options