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Furnace Elements

We offer two types of resistance wire elements. Our standard alloy (Kanthal A1) elements for temperatures up to 2200° F (1200° C) and (Kanthal APM) This alloy has a larger grain structure which gives it more stability under heat.

Grommets and Insulators

In 2008 we changed the way we insulate the element tails on our furnaces. The new style after 2008 does not use grommets and has a mushroom type ceramic insulator.
For the older furnaces there are some options:

  • You can get the old style grommets and insulators.
  • You can drill element tail holes in the sheet metal side of your furnace out to 3/4" with a step bit and use the new mushroom insulators.
EF-135 and EF-200
  • You can get the old style grommets and the new style insulators.

Grommets, Insulators, Wire and Clamps

Tails Old

Tails New
Grommets and Mulites Old style grommets and mulite insulators
For furnaces dating before 2008.
EF-60 Grommets $.60 ea.
EF-135/200 Grommets $.70 ea.
EF-60 Mulites $8.00 ea.
EF-135/200 Mulites $17.00 ea.
Ceramic Insulators New style ceramic insulators
For furnaces dating from 2008.
Ceramic Insulators for
all furnaces
$6.00 ea.
Element Wire 6 and 8 guage High Heat Wire (should be changed at least once a year)
EF-60...8 Guage.$2.60 ft
EF-135/200..6 Guage.$2.60 ft
Element Clamps Copper Furnace Clamps
Copper Clamps $6.00 ea.
More items you may need for your maintenance project

Use this to repair cracks in refractory castings and is also the material to use for holding your furnace elements in place

1 Quart Container

Furnace Coat
Furnace Coat

Alumina based coating. Used to repair furnace castings and gloryhole liners. Brush on. Can be diluted with water. Rated at 3000F (2650C). Packaged in quart containers.

1 Quart Container


Inswool moldable consist of ceramic fibers dispersed in sticky water-based refractory binder. This material is a putty like consistency which permits application by caulking, troweling or hand forming. Available in gallon pails and 10.3 ounce caulk tubes. Used to repair high alumina ceramic fiber such as glory holes.

10.3 oz. Cartridge
Gallon Pail

Please inquire:
E-mail,, or call:
Ph. 303 781-0980 / fax. 303 781-9067

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