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Model: EG-1 Glass Engraver

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Model: EG-1 Glass Engraver

The EG-1 Glass Engraver is capable of doing crystal cutting and stone wheel engraving on any size piece of glass. The 1" (2.54cm) shaft will accomodate a wide variety wheels to cut, carve, grind and produce surface decoration on the right hand side. The left hand side of the machine is designed to hold wheels necessary for finishing out brilliant cutting techniques. Variable speed motor and precision bearings result in vibration free operation. The EG-1 comes mounted in its own drip pan. It is completely plumbed with a knife edge spray head on the polishing side of the machine and flexible water supply on the engraving side. The stainless steel shaft is precision machined. The bearings are neoprene mounted to eliminate any vibration. The 115-volt 1/3 horsepower SCR variable speed motor allows the operator total control from 0 rpm to 1200 rpm.

  36" (91cm)- Length
  24" (61cm)- Width
  19" (48cm)- Height
Motor: 1/3 h.p.
Voltage: 115V/230V
Single Phase
Amperage: 3.5 / 1.9 amps
Speed: 0 -1200rpm
Hertz: 50 or 60

EG-1 Engraver

Standard crating fee is $250.00.
Price does not include shipping.

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Please inquire:
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